Telling people, “don’t cry because there are other people who have it worse than you and thats so sad!”  Is a wrong thing to do. 

You must be thinking “why is that?” 


When someone is happy, do you go and tell them “hey don’t be happy because there are other people out there who have it better than you!” ???



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He moved in the dark alleys all alone,

Darkness was his sole companion now.

“Oh god! Nobody likes me! Wherever I go, people look at me with hateful or angry eyes. I hate my life, please take me out of my misery he cried out in pain.” 

As he moved further he felt someone’s presence behind him but before he could comprehend anything, the person behind him had killed him.

His death wish had been granted and he lay there in a small pool of blood.

The mosquito was swatted to death by a human being.” 


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Dear whomever is reading this, I dont know who you are or what are you going through in your life but I just want to say you that you are beautiful. We all are beautiful in our own special way, no matter what size, shape or colour and we all should truly feel comfortable in our own skin and confident with whom we are. This world is a cruel place, I know. 

People tend to throw negativity in other people’s direction and that isn’t right. Why is it so easy to be mean to each other but hard to be nice!? 

so to whomever is reading this, you are beautiful, I love you and am glad you are alive because without you something would be missing in the world that nobody could ever replace.     I hope you have an amazing life beautiful stranger.

Sincerely, just a girl who is trying to spread a little kindness in this cruel yet beautiful world.

And yea.. someone out there really cares about you so SMILE!!! 

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Wasn’t meant to be

She is living a life full of pain, 

Lost everything, have nothing to gain.

She is living with shattered dreams,

Smiling outside, internally she terribly screams.

Pain striking her heart with all its might,

She is given this gift every single night.

Her grief was so hard to bear,

She gave up, falling down with despair.

Tears cleared her vision, now she could see,

Maybe in this life she wasn’t meant to be…

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That’s what

Yes, you failed exams.

Yes, you gained weight.

Yeah, you lost the chance 

And you think it’s faith.

But so what?!

You can still live the life you never had.

You can forget about the past.

Yes, you can live to try again.

So what?!

Can’t you feel what’s left in your heart?

Can’t you tell that we won’t fall apart?

Problems are signals for us to start.

Yes, you got hurt.

Yes, you weren’t fine.

But you did learn

Yeah, you’re here to shine.

NO, we’re not here to stop.

NO, we’re not going back.

Hey, they’re gonna clap.

Hey, we will cheer up.

They called us failures,

They say we’re worthless.

Like we don’t have futures.

Like we’re easy to replace.

But so what?! 

‘coz problems are signals for us to start.

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