Dear whomever is reading this, I dont know who you are or what are you going through in your life but I just want to say you that you are beautiful. We all are beautiful in our own special way, no matter what size, shape or colour and we all should truly feel comfortable in our own skin and confident with whom we are. This world is a cruel place, I know. 

People tend to throw negativity in other people’s direction and that isn’t right. Why is it so easy to be mean to each other but hard to be nice!? 

so to whomever is reading this, you are beautiful, I love you and am glad you are alive because without you something would be missing in the world that nobody could ever replace.     I hope you have an amazing life beautiful stranger.

Sincerely, just a girl who is trying to spread a little kindness in this cruel yet beautiful world.

And yea.. someone out there really cares about you so SMILE!!! 

@collywobbles02 💎

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