Don’t Aim To 


Some people dream of dying-
But I think they just need to start living.

For our lives, we do have a choice.

Yes, you can even express your sentiments through your voice.

It may seem that no one really listens 

But don’t let that bother you. 

Its your life, your existence.

They don’t know the things you have gone through.

Go on and aim for what you long for. 

You’ll never expect what’s in store.

This will be revealed as you continue on.

Darling, don’t aim for someone like you to be gone. 

-@collywobbles02 💎


Don’t tell me who you think I am 

I know what I want

And who I want to be.

This is me 

And no one else 

 I will become who I wish to be 

Not who you think I am.

 Cause, honey, 


@collywobbles02 💎


Impactive Titan 

I noticed you- who wouldn’t?
You are a titan. A titan I’ve been longing for every minute.

Ever time you pass by, my heart skips a beat.

I wanted to follow you everywhere. But luckily I had control to my feet.

You are a beautiful disaster 

A fact about you that I’ll always remember.

Your height made you so attractive.

Didn’t know someone towering was this impactive.

I just hope you notice me.

Why not confess already?

I’m not gutsy.

You might turn me down or avoid me.

Just remember- every little thing about you,

Makes me like you more.

Everything that you do-

I will always adore. 

@collywobbles02 💎


They say they love me 

They say they care about me 

They call themselves my family

They call themselves my friends 

Then why do they not hear me 

When I scream out in pain?

Why do they not hear me 

When I am scared as if in hell?

Why do they not hear me

When I lay crying in the nooks?

Why do they not hear me?

I have these questions to ask

Which no one seems to answer 

The frustration’s building up on me 

My walls are becoming high 

I know not who to trust anymore 

and just think to live with the truth 

Which is that I am alone 

I try and tell them to go away 

But they say they love me 

They say they care about me 

They call themselves my family

They call themselves my friends 

Oh I am so confused 

Please God tell me what to do? 

@collywobbles02 💎


You know that feeling you get when even though you are surrounded by a bunch of people and you still feel lonely? I don’t know about you but I feel lonely all the time. Sure I am surrounded by a bunch of people here and there but I don’t think I can call them as my friend and the word acquaintances suits them more.

Its like;

You may know a person through out your life but you may still really don’t know them and then there maybe a person whom you don’t know at all but then there will be a strong bond or a connection and you will feel like you know that person even though you don’t know that person from a long amount of time. 

No one remains the same as who they were.

Like how time keeps changing, people change. Time waits for none but time is time. The date changes but numbers in one way or another are the same and come again some time later and that’s the same with humans. We people are the same but mentality and physical appearance changes over time even though we are who we were we become something else.

When I hear someone saying that “I am still the person as I was” I just shake my head at the person’s justification because we are all like the sand timer.

Each day in your life, grain by grain, a grain moves away and after all the grains are moved the timer is flipped upside down again.

We have the same grains but it never stays at the same spot. It keeps moving and sometimes change is good. Chanhe maybe for better. Change may change you. In the end its all upto you and how you choose to see it. 

@collywobbles02 💎