Don’t Aim To 


Some people dream of dying-
But I think they just need to start living.

For our lives, we do have a choice.

Yes, you can even express your sentiments through your voice.

It may seem that no one really listens 

But don’t let that bother you. 

Its your life, your existence.

They don’t know the things you have gone through.

Go on and aim for what you long for. 

You’ll never expect what’s in store.

This will be revealed as you continue on.

Darling, don’t aim for someone like you to be gone. 

-@collywobbles02 💎

12 thoughts on “Don’t Aim To 

  1. Well you commented that you were inspired on reading my post and now I come here and read these amazing posts of yours and I cant help but feel truly inspired,probably million times more than you were by mine!! Gem of a blog! Loved it…I’d love to read it all and more! 🙂

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