Tell me what happened? 

She is kind. She cares about people.       She gives the best hugs. She is the moon in their darkness. 

In return, she asks love and little kindness.

She admires herself. She inspires all. She compromise for their satisfaction. 
In return, she wins hatred, insult and ignorance.

For this, she doubts herself. Did she do anything wrong? Or is karma not in her side?  

No! She did not! 

The moon answers,”she is feeling me”.    Like moon, she was going through phases. She was temporary in their dark nights. But isn’t moon permanent in Galaxy? Yes, But she didn’t discover her Galaxy yet. 

She weeps all night and wears a beautiful smile all day. Little does she know, Pillow was present when she was in her worst and trust me, the pillow knows it all. Pillow answered,”she is feeling me”   Like pillow, she is fluffy and comfy but when pressurized it hurts. 

Why do they do this? 

She inspires people with those motivational and kind words which she wants to hear. All these reasons make her feel obnoxious breathing in this cruel world of monsters. She cross her heart and she hopes for a cue behind these reasons. 

‘Coz in return she deserves their love and littles kindness. 


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