Wasn’t meant to be

She is living a life full of pain, 

Lost everything, have nothing to gain.

She is living with shattered dreams,

Smiling outside, internally she terribly screams.

Pain striking her heart with all its might,

She is given this gift every single night.

Her grief was so hard to bear,

She gave up, falling down with despair.

Tears cleared her vision, now she could see,

Maybe in this life she wasn’t meant to be…

@collywobbles02 💎

Trust me

I know your minds are set,

You wishing me nothing but success.

But how am I to own it

When I stay protected inside  your nest?

If only for once you would listen

to what my sincere heart’s saying:

Please, let me spread my wings 

to chase those stars called dreams.
collywobbles02 💎