The Girl with the name

 She wanted to scream. She felt heavy weight in the pit of the stomach that something horrible was about to happen. 

She was exhausted. Too tired to cry. Her chest constricted painfully. She was so angry. Angry at the world and whatever controlled her fate. 
All she felt was pain; deep inside her everywhere, but she did not want to feel it. She did not want to bleed internally where she was confined and alone; where all her screams and pleas where mercilessly muffled. If she was going to feel pain, it had to be on the outside. And she thought herself crazy to want pain, to crave it. 

She was trapped in a life she never wanted, with no way out; every gateway blocked as her fingertips grazed the doorknob.

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They say they love me 

They say they care about me 

They call themselves my family

They call themselves my friends 

Then why do they not hear me 

When I scream out in pain?

Why do they not hear me 

When I am scared as if in hell?

Why do they not hear me

When I lay crying in the nooks?

Why do they not hear me?

I have these questions to ask

Which no one seems to answer 

The frustration’s building up on me 

My walls are becoming high 

I know not who to trust anymore 

and just think to live with the truth 

Which is that I am alone 

I try and tell them to go away 

But they say they love me 

They say they care about me 

They call themselves my family

They call themselves my friends 

Oh I am so confused 

Please God tell me what to do? 

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He moved in the dark alleys all alone,

Darkness was his sole companion now.

“Oh god! Nobody likes me! Wherever I go, people look at me with hateful or angry eyes. I hate my life, please take me out of my misery he cried out in pain.” 

As he moved further he felt someone’s presence behind him but before he could comprehend anything, the person behind him had killed him.

His death wish had been granted and he lay there in a small pool of blood.

The mosquito was swatted to death by a human being.” 


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Wasn’t meant to be

She is living a life full of pain, 

Lost everything, have nothing to gain.

She is living with shattered dreams,

Smiling outside, internally she terribly screams.

Pain striking her heart with all its might,

She is given this gift every single night.

Her grief was so hard to bear,

She gave up, falling down with despair.

Tears cleared her vision, now she could see,

Maybe in this life she wasn’t meant to be…

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