Tell me what happened? 

She is kind. She cares about people.       She gives the best hugs. She is the moon in their darkness. 

In return, she asks love and little kindness.

She admires herself. She inspires all. She compromise for their satisfaction. 
In return, she wins hatred, insult and ignorance.

For this, she doubts herself. Did she do anything wrong? Or is karma not in her side?  

No! She did not! 

The moon answers,”she is feeling me”.    Like moon, she was going through phases. She was temporary in their dark nights. But isn’t moon permanent in Galaxy? Yes, But she didn’t discover her Galaxy yet. 

She weeps all night and wears a beautiful smile all day. Little does she know, Pillow was present when she was in her worst and trust me, the pillow knows it all. Pillow answered,”she is feeling me”   Like pillow, she is fluffy and comfy but when pressurized it hurts. 

Why do they do this? 

She inspires people with those motivational and kind words which she wants to hear. All these reasons make her feel obnoxious breathing in this cruel world of monsters. She cross her heart and she hopes for a cue behind these reasons. 

‘Coz in return she deserves their love and littles kindness. 


The Girl with the name

 She wanted to scream. She felt heavy weight in the pit of the stomach that something horrible was about to happen. 

She was exhausted. Too tired to cry. Her chest constricted painfully. She was so angry. Angry at the world and whatever controlled her fate. 
All she felt was pain; deep inside her everywhere, but she did not want to feel it. She did not want to bleed internally where she was confined and alone; where all her screams and pleas where mercilessly muffled. If she was going to feel pain, it had to be on the outside. And she thought herself crazy to want pain, to crave it. 

She was trapped in a life she never wanted, with no way out; every gateway blocked as her fingertips grazed the doorknob.

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Wasn’t meant to be

She is living a life full of pain, 

Lost everything, have nothing to gain.

She is living with shattered dreams,

Smiling outside, internally she terribly screams.

Pain striking her heart with all its might,

She is given this gift every single night.

Her grief was so hard to bear,

She gave up, falling down with despair.

Tears cleared her vision, now she could see,

Maybe in this life she wasn’t meant to be…

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Turn Back

She watches everyone from a distance, She hears their screams                           She feels their haunted dreams.

She goes close to help them out.             She hugs them tight.                 Making believed things will be right.

They smile with relief.                           They stay for a while.                             Then they walk forward a mile.

They leave her behind.                   Forgetting her in the times of joy.                 But again as smiles lack,                            To her they turn back.


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True lies

Those true lies 

she told

They worked

We hold

But A day came 

Nothing remained same

Conflicts came up

Removing her pretty make up

I saw her real face 

She was still cute

I asked some questions

And she was still mute

In a moment everything changed 

My love was now endanger 

My heart was left untamed

We became strangers

Our memories embedded

Everything ended

And my love died

I have nothing left but her

True lies!!!

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