Dear whomever is reading this, I dont know who you are or what are you going through in your life but I just want to say you that you are beautiful. We all are beautiful in our own special way, no matter what size, shape or colour and we all should truly feel comfortable in our own skin and confident with whom we are. This world is a cruel place, I know. 

People tend to throw negativity in other people’s direction and that isn’t right. Why is it so easy to be mean to each other but hard to be nice!? 

so to whomever is reading this, you are beautiful, I love you and am glad you are alive because without you something would be missing in the world that nobody could ever replace.     I hope you have an amazing life beautiful stranger.

Sincerely, just a girl who is trying to spread a little kindness in this cruel yet beautiful world.

And yea.. someone out there really cares about you so SMILE!!! 

@collywobbles02 💎


First of all

Life is fair being unfair with every individuals livelihood.

In our society, the meaning of life is different based on any individual. We know what life is but when you are asked to define what is life it depends on people’s perspective.            Life is Beautiful.                                                       Each and every person wants to run in the race of life to achieve their goals but the other side of the mirror says that they are in this marathon only and only for Money and Reputation. Reputation only comes when u have self acceptance, self respect, self esteem high! Life is given to you to enjoy it as a journey and discover various things instead of running behind money and living a stressful life. I know money plays an important role in life but… Gifting stress to your life!? Is it good..? No! I have no idea what my future holds or what I want to become. I have no aim. I have no goals. I don’t know what to achieve. And when people ask me what’s my aspirations, I say that. And they mock at me that you haven’t decide your future yet. That’s bad. Before, I used to feel sad for that but now that I am matured enough what actually life is, I don’t care what they say because I only know one thing that is…I wanna do something which will make me feel  happy and have no regrets in my life.  

Life is pure. Life is like crystals. Value it. At the end, after you die…when you’ll check your journey.. there will be nothing called happiness or no regrets. If u live your life with passion and make every moment as a cherished memories then babe.. YOU WIN!!    

There are many things to achieve in life instead of running behind grades and money. If u have any confession or any pain that you wanna blow off from your life. You must. Write down the confessions, your frustration, your effing feelings on a piece of paper and put inside some glass bottle and swing it away in the ocean or sea. You’ll feel better. 

Don’t live the life of envy, jealousy, heartbreak, discrimination and pitiful. 

Start a new journey. Breathe. Live. Smile. Love. Laugh. Dance. Crave for peace not Money. Enjoy. You are beautiful. ‘coz darling, you got only this one life.. don’t waste it. Be yourself. Don’t care. Don’t judge. Be happy. Most importantly eat. XP

@collywobbles02 💎